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Alarm Service Contracts

New - Monthly Payments for Service Contract

When we install an alarm we give a 1 year guarantee which covers parts and labour.

Servicing a security alarm

However, alarms need servicing on a regular basis to maintain maximum performance. So, after the first year we will offer you a service contract. This covers an annual service check and parts and labour costs for any repairs which may be needed. For only £40 per year (in Darlington, Teesside and Newton Aycliffe) you will have peace of mind that your alarm system is being looked after and will be repaired in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong.

Please note Batteries are treated as a consumable item and are not covered in our service contracts.

If you have an alarm system which we did not install or you have not had one of our alarms regularly serviced, we may still be able to offer a service contract. In this case, our engineer will first inspect the alarm and inform you of any faults which may need to be rectified. When the system is operating to our required standards we may offer you a restricted service contract. This will cover an annual service and repair labour costs but excludes the cost of any parts which may be needed. The price is the same as our standard service contract.

Maintenance and repairs

Even if you don't have a pre-arranged service contract, we are still able to maintain or repair your security alarm. There is a charge for any call-out and this covers the first hour's labour. Most repairs can be carried out within the first hour but longer jobs are charged at #£15 per an additional hourly rate. The cost of any parts required is charged as per our current price list. All repair work and new parts are guaranteed for 1 year.

Servicing, maintenance and repairs are available in Darlington, Teesside, Newton Aycliffe and other parts of north east England. For more complex problems or additions to an existing alarm system, we can provide you with a quote for the cost of parts and labour. Simply call us on 07834 858969 to arrange a visit.


Call us now on 07834 858969 for a free estimate for installing or repairing your burglar alarm. Our price includes parts, labour and travelling costs throughout north east England.


Get peace of mind with our annual service contracts for your burglar alarm system. Covers annual servicing, repairs, call out and parts (excluding batteries). Monthly or yearly payments.